ModbusBox allows the integration of industrial class devices that has Modbus RTU into the IoT world. Its Embedded Web UI, provides an easy to use interface accessible via Wi-Fi in Access Point mode and Client Mode after it gets connected to your local network. It’s capable to read data registers from Modbus slaves and send data periodically to cloud or a local IoT service using the very popular MQTT protocol.

Data Serialization

Data it’s serialized using JSON, so it’s very easy to parse the information on the IoT server. Slaves variables can be processed and displayed in dashboards by many open source IoT platforms like Node-Red, InfluxDB & Grafana, and Ubidots Educational and its paid platform which is very powerfully and easy to use.

General Features

  • Wi-Fi ready
  • Modbus RTU/RS485 (2 wires) half duplex
  • Built-in Modbus library with examples - Makers version
  • Easy to setup via Wi-Fi Access Point from any Wi-Fi enabled device
  • Built-in Web UI available in Access Point and Client Mode.
  • Compact device, robust against interference and ESD discharges
  • DC input 6-26 Volts
  • IP54 Enclosure
  • LED indicators

    • Modbus TX/RX activity
    • MQTT TX/RX activity
    • Multicolor Pixel LED for Status Indicator.
    • Device Status
    • Failures Report